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Study at Home

You will learn faster if you practice at home! If you only practice in class you will still make progress, but it will be slower.

There are many ways you can practice at home!

To practice English, you can:

  • watch TV in English
  • talk to friends, neighbors or family in English
  • go to the library
  • ask your tutor for practice reading materials

To practice reading and writing, you can:

  • read for at least ten minutes every day
  • keep a journal and write down what you do each day
  • write shopping lists and calendar items for practice
  • read aloud to someone in your family

There are many great ways to practice on the computer as well! You can practice in the computer lab at our Wilcrest location or speak with a member of our staff about programs you can use at home.

Here are some websites we recommend:

Many Things - games and activities for ESL and ABE students

ESL Cafe

Learning Online - reading, writing, math and vocabulary

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Focus English - conversation skills

ESL Partyland

The World of Idioms

ESL Gold

ESL Listening Lab

Pronunciation Help - the sounds of American English

Step Forward - you can access the FULL program in our computer lab

Computer Skills Tutorials Online

Good Typing - practice your typing online

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